Happenings By-Imonikhe with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)  business name registration number 7038306 confirms the presence of telepathy in Nigeria with the general nature of business as advertising, marketing, publishing and general dissemination of information concerning telepathy.

Our mission is to let everyone understand that telepathy can now even be put in prints after being documented for further readings. Telepathy was an uncharted area and as such we have explored some of the fundamental causes and effects in humans. Animals and Plants were also observed but it’s primarily a human-to-human form of communication. Actually, all living and non-living things within our environment were observed for confirmatory evidence of telepathy. Some humans are aware of its presence in Nigeria whereas others are unaware! Imonikhe became aware almost three years after having completed his degree (M.Sc.) in Biochemistry at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos. He was between the ages of 30 years – 31 years. Happenings By-Imonikhe asks complex questions while observing and comparing findings in all continents. We are more about documentary proofs that would educate all for a better understanding of the topic telepathy (Telepathy is the transmission of information from one human to another human without speaking. This i know but i also observed several other effects like heat, cold, songs, dry air, cold sensations on the skin, dreams, human sounds etc. All these are listed on the Facebook page Happenings By-Imonikhe). Telepathy spans all works of life from Family, Health, Education, Lifestyles, Environment, Careers, Arts, Organizations, even Death etc.

Happenings By-Imonikhe brings to all using simple facts the effects of telepathy if any either in babies (0 – 1 year), children (1 – 12 years), adolescent teenagers (13 – 19 years), youths (20 – 30 years), adults (30 years – Above) and the elderly (50 years – Above) either while asleep (unconscious state) or awake (active state).

All humans are naturally diurnal. The birth of the company started when the CEO of Happenings By-Imonikhe, Imonikhe Joe-Tokurah started hearing sounds within his sitting room and the television and radio were off. Remember that most electronic appliances either function using electricity or battery or a source of power like an internally rechargeable compartment. There wasn’t even a television or radio in the house then which made the discovery of external input of sounds even more noticeable. Also, we were just adjusting into our new house at Iyana-Ipaja. The only explanation was my dad was trying to hide its existence by denying its existence! What causes telepathy has little effects when the individuals are awake, alert and agile!

Since the beginning of existence, man was given authority to label and classify every living and non-living thing!

Henceforth, no Nigerian child would ever need to visit a psychiatric doctor by advise of anyone else (should anyone visit the psychiatric doctor concerning the external input of unrecognizable sounds, the doctor must tell the patient directly that it does occur except the psychiatric doctor is unaware. It’s as simple as that! All medical doctors’ take oath to protect lives and the medical boards of all countries makes it mandatory that they live by that oath. Personally speaking, with all i have known, i never would have visited the psychiatrist in the first place. Of cause psychiatry is a branch of medicine!) when he/she asks questions about how external inputs of unrecognizable sounds enters into his/her eardrums. All that they need to know is where to read and that a fellow Nigerian has documented his own experience of such a happening!

Happeningsby-imonikhe.com officially came online on the 1st of October, 2023.

Happenings By-Imonikhe is here to Stay, Solve and Sensitize.