Telepathy and our prayers beyond our boarders.

  • Lord Jesus, thank you for the life of all our youths out there.
  • Thank you fo your endless love to them.
  • Lord, lead them to your path and let them serve intentionally.
  • Lord Jesus, use our youths to win souls for your kingdom and generations to come.
  • Lord Jesus,hlp all our youths to live holy for you.
  • Lord Jesus, grant excellent success to all our youths, Amen.
  • Lord Jesus, destroy the plans of the enemy in our lives, Amen.
  • Lord Jesus, help our youths to have respect for those in authority.
  • Lord Jesus, help our youths to have the knowledge of your word and spirit in them.
  • Lord Jesus, help everyone to fulfil their dreams.
  • Lord Jesus, we pray for Palestine and Israel in the middle east that their conflict comes to an end amicably even as we hear of it right here in Nigeria, West Africa.

Key Points: Prayers for the youths and all military personnel.

Author: Imonikhe Joe-Tokurah and Sonia Odumaka.

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