Yes, telepathy occurs at Oshodi, Lagos Nigeria.

In the heart of Lagos metropolis mainland lies Oshodi market. I have always known of the place known as Oshodi market while growing up but never had anything to do with that part of Lagos until i had already gained admission into the tertiary institution known as the University of Benin, Edo State. Even as i am right now, there are still several places in Lagos that i haven’t visited simply because i’ve not had anything to do with that part of Lagos (There’s even a slang that goes thus in lagos: “watin dey carry me go there?” or the responses of “what is happening there?”). Now, each time i pass Oshodi as i commute through lagos, the name reminds me of the late Professor Osayuki Godwin Oshodin, who was the vice-chancellor after Professor E.A.C Nwanze of the prestigious University of Benin, Edo State Nigeria. While Professor E.A.C Nwanze was from the department of biochemistry, Professor Osayuki Godwin Oshodin was from the department of education.

We at happenings by-imonikhe emphatically document that whatever causes telepathy is also around Oshodi in Lagos State Nigeria. These pictures were taken between 2:30pm and 3:30pm yesterday 21st of December, 2023. Even as we experience the harmattan on our skin, mouth and most especially our nostrils as we breathe, all our advised to use skin moisterizers.

After taking pictures of the public transport terminus from the vantage positions on the pedestrian bridges at Oshodi, i descended the stairs carefully till i was level with the road, and as i was passing i overheard the tomatoes seller calling out her goods at the price of one hundred naira and when i looked at her fresh big tomatoes i decided to buy and then she said it’s pepper that’s one hundred naira (₦100), that tomatoes were being sold at three packages for five hundred naira (₦500), and that just one package was for two hundred naira (₦200). I bought three packages at the cost of five hundred naira (₦500) and then headed home.

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