Telepathy goes beyond conflicts.

God also commends his children every now and then. He appreciates his children for a job well done. But it does not mean you have to feel like yes you have it all. The bible says that God is perfect and expects perfection (Matthew 5:48). Now, the question is “are you perfect?” If God appreciates you, he is being gracious. It’s God’s mercy that keeps his children going but when you think you have got it all, God himself will not commend you. Sometimes, you might see things working out for you but remember that it is God that is doing it for you; never give glory to your commitment but give to him who deserves the honour and glory. Acknowledge him at all times because he is merciful and without God, we are nothing.

The present wars that we currently are having in 2023 i.e the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Palestine war makes every human appreciate the gift of life. Life is finite, with every human beings actions or inactions determining the outcome.

Key points: God’s appreciation is a reason to be kind and to put in more effort.

Author: Imonikhe Joe-Tokurah and Sonia Odumaka.

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